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  Wolf Cop

review by Bobby Blakey

There are movies that come along that are just too ridiculously awesome in title and concept that you can’t help but want to see it. Sadly most of these end up being a waste of time, but every so often you get one that works. The latest, Wolfcop features all of the things that scream bizarre genius with a trailer that keeps you craving for more, but can it unleash the beast you hope for or will it be eclipsed by its own silliness?

Wolfcop follows an alcoholic police officer who is investigating a series of strange and violent events, but when he wakes up one morning and begins to realize he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan, he sets out to find the truth with the help of his partner and his friend. This film is every bit as ridiculous as you might expect in the best way possible. Sure there are some over the top bad performances at times, but that adds the charm of it all. They get to the point quickly and take itself just serious enough to work, while keeping the tongue firmly planted in cheek. There is a grindhouse vibe to it all while never feeling like something that has been done before. The first half of the film is typical character introduction and buildup that is nothing all that special, but once the transformation happens it is pure insane brilliance. The initial transformation is excellent not only using practical effects for it all, but the way it starts is truly both unique and painful to watch. They quickly let Wolfcop loose on the town and bad guys from this moment forward complete with awkwardly romantic love scene that was perfectly shot to create the silliness of it all. There isn’t an overabundance of gore, but still plenty of arm ripping, decapitating, and blood squirting to satisfy the gore hounds out there. The most important aspect for this film to work is Wolfcop himself and he is awesome. They took a classic approach while tweaking him a bit. His voice is a bit over modulated at times and hard to understand, but as a whole works to perfection and a ton of fun to watch.

Obviously this film isn’t for everyone, but for those that get it will no doubt love every minute of it. This is not only a ton of fun and adds a whole new fun dimension to the werewolf genre it still manages to deliver one of the better werewolf films out there. Filled with blood, sex, comedy and action Wolfcop is the must see film you didn’t know you were missing. In addition to the fun movie, this release also includes commentary, a music video, trailers, outtakes, behind the scenes featurettes and more and is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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